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Mental Discipline fitness trainers Mel and Danny Burt are passionate about the health and fitness industry. It is about showing people that their health, well-being and fitness is important, not only for themselves but for their entire family.  

Personal trainer & COACH

It is recommended that you hire a personal trainer when starting off your journey. Why? A personal trainer will teach you how to use the equipment correctly, including how to use the machines (isolation) and free weights (stabilisation). The role of the personal trainer is to make sure that you learn how to use the equipment correctly with the correct movement patterns which will aid in your success and give you the ability to reach your goals while avoiding those nasty injuries.  Once a movement has been learned incorrectly it can take up to a thousand pattern movements to correct it! Seek professional advice before engaging in gym activities.

Do not rely on YouTube video’s to learn how to use gym equipment, as your interpretation of what you see and what you do may not be correct. Not performing movements correctly can lead to injuries in the future and is why having a Personal Trainer can make a difference. We will make sure you are performing the movement correctly based on our understanding of the correct pattern and science. A personal trainer will make recommendations and adjustments so that you are performing the best you possibly can using good form throughout the movement. 

Want to get started and how much it is going to cost you? We have different packages available, check our pricing here

Are you confident in the gym? Just need some guideance and direction to continue to achieve and smash your personal goals. Or are you looking to compete in the future? If so, you need a coach.  We are taking on new clients to coach.

what we do?

We transform peoples lives through health and fitness by providing you with tools and advice combined with our full support to help you transform yourself into the best version of you.

Our goal is to see people engage in their own personal health and fitness as part of their daily routine. Make time, not excuses, you owe it to yourself and your family to improve your health and feel a sense of personal well-being and invigoration.

There is increasing evidence that people should be lifting weights and doing regular exercise. In addition to the exercise, it is important to realise that the number one key factor to weight-loss is to focus on the way we are eating and our nutritional habits.

move your body!

You can maintain a healthy and proactive lifestyle on a minimum of 20 minutes of regular exercise a day. How?  Check out our online transformation series.

Need advice or support with strategies around nutrition and food labels? Give Mel a shout!

Want to know more about Danny’s PT service? Need help, extra motivation or even accountability? Then Danny is your man.

Reach out to us and make contact today.


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After the completion of your booked PT session you will be sent an invoice to be paid prior to your training beginning.

why choose MD Fitness?
  • Do you want the most effective no-nonsense approach to your training?
  • Are you looking for sustainable long term results?
  • Do you want someone who will get you the right results?
  • Do you want to be trained by a REPS registered professional as recommended by the Ministry of Health?

It is important for MD Fitness to see our clients reaching their goals and to coach and inspire our clients to reach the goals that they set. We will hold you accountable as you work towards these.

The key question is to ask yourself why are you entering into a health and fitness journey in the first place? Once you have that answer, own it and make it powerful and motivating for you. 

If you struggle, if you lack motivation, if you make excuses, let MD Fitness hold you to account and help make a difference in the results you want to achieve. As a trainer, the focus is all about you.  It is about making you work hard for your results.

Danny can help you get the results you want if you listen and follow the advice and be prepared to be pushed and push yourself, most of all Danny will have you believing in yourself, see what our clients say.

weight loss nutrition

It's all about the food?

Mel is passionate about helping people negotiate their way around their weight loss journey by utilising strategies that aid a positive approach to nutrition.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of weight loss?  What diet should I go on?  Which food group shall I cut out? We urge you to forget about ‘diets’ and shift your focus to fuelling your body in a way that is sustainable over time.  

In our own weight loss journey, we had to master our own minds and condition ourselves to eat healthier and cleaner with less processed foods as well as reducing our portion sizes. So we understand what to do and how you feel!

After the completion of your booked PT session you will be sent an invoice to be paid prior to your training beginning.


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