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As a personal trainer/coach and weight loss coach, it is always very humbling to hear how you have helped your clients.  It has always been important to be the best for our clients, to make the workouts fun, enjoyable, challenging, the process understandable and making sure that client’s are getting the full benefits.  We are two people who like to see our clients succeeding.

case study

Weight Loss Client

Transforming your body and reaching your goal weight takes all of the following qualities, lots of guts, determination, commitment and sacrifice. Our client has displayed all of these qualities and continues to do everything we ask of them to achieve these results.

10th March 2020 – Weight 71.3Kgs
10th October 2020 – Weight 62.4kgs
Total Weightloss to date = 8.9kgs

The client has managed an average of 1.27kgs of weight loss per month. A massive achievement and the client is well and truly on the way to reaching their goal.

The results have been achieved by using our accountability plan and regular exercise.

Coaching Client

Taking a body that is already in good condition and making it better has been one of the most rewarding achievements of our team. This result was achieved over 8 weeks and continues to improve.

With the right training and nutrition plan, you can keep redefining the body. This client was preparing to compete for the first time in Men’s Physique, so the goal of producing more lean muscle mass while reducing his body fat saw an overall weight drop of 5kgs. We continue to work with this client to achieve even greater things as he moves towards competing in other future events.

By following a process and by having someone monitor and check over that process is priceless. This client was extremely pleased with the results that we achieved together.

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