Coaching clients to achieve their best results is what makes the coaching process exciting.  Having another pair of eyes looking after you is essential to reap the benefits of having a coach.  As your coaching team, we will know if you are following the plan based on the science behind it. The accountability comes from your weekly check-ins and by providing your weekly images to the team so that you benefit from the process and get actual results following the methods, of which we discuss with you weekly until you are satisfied with the outcome.  The outcome will vary between different body types, age genetics, the effort and most of all your commitment.

If you require someone to motivate and guide you through your workouts, show you the correct form, or diagnose and fix some imbalances, or assistance with injuries, you will need to have a personal trainer. Coaching is not personal training, coaching is a laid out long-term progress plan, that requires guidance and tweaking as we progress through your transformation.

The purpose of the coach is to give you some accountability to keep you progressing towards your goal if this sounds like you? Then an online coach is worth considering.

You must be ready and willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone to make a lasting change.


1. We will discuss your goals and then make a plan.

2. You will be given a training and nutrition guide to follow.

3. Weekly weight check-ins and photos required, including questions within a check-out form and 30min catch up.


You have been in the gym for years and achieved some excellent results, your fitter, stronger, and have some muscle, yet you haven’t quite got the results you were expecting by now. Then let us change the approach, assess your commitment and work towards a plan that has you getting the results you want.

How long? You will be looking at 8-12 weeks minimum this will be dependant on where you are at right now, your genetics, age and experience in the gym. Coaching is for people that have experience in the gym, if you don’t and still want a coach you are going to have to hire a PT to make sure you are performing movements correctly, or come back when you have done 12-18 months in the gym as we encourage you to get some guidance that will benefit you long term.

We are looking for clients that are wanting to get better results, who have worked hard and have done everything they can and can’t make the changes they thought they would have. If you are considering competing in a show in the future we want to talk with you and help you get ready. You will need a minimum of 20-24 weeks, depending on the condition you are in already. We support the following federations ICN, INBA and happy to take clients to IFBB and NABBA events.