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PT & Coaching Booking System

Welcome to MD Fitness Online Booking System.

The time slots available start from 5:30 am through to 7:00 pm, however, if you can’t find a time slot that fits, please make contact with us to discuss.

How to use this booking system.

  1. Select the days that you want to have your PT Session(s), multiple days can be selected based on your selected plan.
  2. Select the time slot you wish to have your PT Session(s) and fill out your personal details
  3. Send

Note: If you require different time slots for different days, you will have to select and book those days seperately.
Example: Monday, Wednesday 6.00pm-7.00pm can be selected together, then Thursday at 7.00-8.00pm will have to be booked separately.
Coaching Clients: Use the drop down selector to use Coaching Check-In option.

NO PT Sessions available on a Sunday

Booking System

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Important Notes

1. The sessions slots cater for range of services we provide for PT Clients and Coaching Clients.

2. A booking is not confirmed until approved by our team. This is to avoid time table clashes

3. Coaching sessions are done through Zoom online and are available on a Sunday evening only, if you are a local coaching client and wish to meet in person, this can be arranged during the week.